Decision Making Process of Exclusive Breastfeeding – Breastfeeding Through Campaign, Using The Social Media Twitter On Lactation Clinic Patients of Eka Hospital BSD


Breast milk is the best and the only intake for baby. Unfortunately, due to lack of information about it makes public awareness to breastfeed the baby is minimal. To socialize the benefit of breastfeeding, various proponents of lactation supports are using social media to reach wider public, with fast response and in expensive way. The lactation activator gets well received from the government, with the passage of Peraturan Pemerintah in March 2012 regarding provision on exclusive breastfeeding.

With this presence of social media which is a new media, becoming an alternative way to promote and do the brestfeeding campaign, as we known new media it is also a development of communication. With this reasons, researchers try to explore the process of people decision with the use of social media presently with the internet development in pursuit of fulfill their needs about lactation and breastfeeding information with social media Twitter.

In this study, researchers tried to review it using the theory of social marketing, public relations, word of mouth, and social campaigns. The method used is qualitative and descriptive research approach with constructivist paradigm, and the informants selected were patients of Lactttion Clinic at Eka Hospital BSD, which also actively use social media at least 3 years preceding and following the development of the breastfeeding problems.

From this research found that social media tends to have an impact on the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). The presence of social media Twitter has changed the patterns of information in the community. A characteristic of social media which is rapid, participatory, and open, has influenced the behavior of today’s society

Keywords: social media, new media, social campaign, AIDA, breastfeeding, lactation


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